50 ml Empty Dropper Bottles

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1 - Empty Dropper Bottles - 50ml

50ml Empty Dropper Bottles with childproof cap and dropper tip


100% Brand new and high quality. Use to dispense and store most liquids. Great for solvents, light oils, paint, essence, electronic cigarette juice, eye drops, saline, etc.


50ml LDPE Plastic bottles are made to be tough and endure the harshest of conditions unlike other plastic types such as PET plastic bottles.  


Try to avoid PET bottles because after some time they begin to degrade, the plastic particles leech into whatever is stored within the bottle.  


LDPE can be naturally semi-transparent, soft and squeezable. LDPE dropper bottle is very popular container for e-cigarette liquid, ink, wash lotion and oil. These bottles come with childproof caps.



Vape Juice Dropper Bottle Cap Colors








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