Kanger Pro Tank Mini III

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Kanger Protank Mini 3

The Kanger Protank Mini III is the newest mini Protank, free of glue and can be fully disassembled just like the older Protank versions. The difference with this tank is that it does not take the normal Protank coils, this one will only use the dual coils.


Kanger Protank Mini 3 Features:
• Bottom coil
• Replaceable atomizer heads (interchangeable with the Protank III or Aerotank)
• Replaceable Pyrex glass tank
• Can be fitted with 510 drip tip
• Dimensions: 2-7/8"" (L) x 9/16"" (D)
• 1.5ml Tank Capacity


Replacement Coils: Kanger Protank Mini III Coils

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